NFS file sharing cannot connect device

I have a problem with nfs file sharing.
I use LEDE 17.01.4 on a netgear wndr3700v2.
I have used the guide for connecting my usb storage device. There after I have used the guide to share the device information within the network.
The device is mounted as /mnt/sda1
In /ect/exports I wrote

When I use my browser
putting or
on the same network, I cannot connect with the device sda1
Where I went wrong?
Regards, Lucas

Browser? I hope you mean some sort of a NFS browser, and not an internet browser...

Now, if you put "" in "/etc/exports", only the client at "" can connect to the server; in the client, you must use the IP address from the router (usually

Hi @eduperez
Thanks for replying. You are right, I'm mistaking. I have changed "/etc/exports" in
/mnt/sda1 *(rw)
If have tried in a common Firefox browser:
but that did not succeed. Do I need an other kind of browser?
Now I am trying to mount the device sda1
sudo mount /home/lucas/HD_LEDE
but the error message is: device does not exist.
What's wrong?
Regards, Lucas

Are you confusing NFS for FTP? NFS is a much lower level file sharing protocol and it isnt "browsed" in this way. The client mounts the NFS share, in the same way you might mount a flash drive or another block device

I suspect you are rather looking for FTP, which can be browsed in a general web browser.

I think you are missing a colon after the server IP address: sudo mount /home/lucas/HD_LEDE

You are right, it was the missing colon, thanks.
Regards, Lucas