NFS and btrfs results in Stale file handle

I wanted to setup NFS on my Asus RT-AC56U running LEDE Reboot 17.01.3 r3533-d0bf257c46. After hours of trying NFS with a usb stick I finally figured that NFS just doesn't like btrfs but it works with ext4. is there anything that could be done except for changing to ext4? because I would really like to keep btrfs.

on btrfs the mounting fails on client with: mount.nfs: Stale file handle
Samba is working fine with btrfs but I need NFS too.

ok found a solution by myself. I had to set fsid=0 in the exports file.

Hi!, How well it performs btrfs for you?, I want to use it on a WD MyBookLike Single.

sry I scratched that idea but I ran into some problems afterwards. It seems like LEDE's btrfs support isn't really good and after I built the HDD that I used in a PC as a small server I noticed that files that I wrote with the router were corrupted now. So I think you shouldn't use it anyway. LEDE also wasn't able to print out the file attributes of btrfs files ... like is this file using COW or is it Compressed? im not sure if it even used any of those btrfs features.

Ok, we should stay with old but good known ext4 then... Thanks a lot for the info!