Nexx WT3020 16M patch error

found patch files and readme

i use for compile openwrt_16mb_5.4kernel_unstable and i have found a patch error

+++ b/target/linux/ramips/image/
@@ -788,6 +788,21 @@ define Device/nexx_wt3020-8m
TARGET_DEVICES += nexx_wt3020-8m
+define Device/nexx_wt3020-16m

  • SOC := mt7620n
  • IMAGE_SIZE := 7872k with 16064k

When did you last compile?

compilation is make this day ...

when i compile with luci + package > 8M i have the error

All wt3020 has 8 MB of ROM. Did you modified its flash chip?
I am using one myself.

As in the tittle : ... 16M ...
I have reflashed the Flash chip

I expect 10 memories in 64MB to make other tests

Just edit like this

IMAGE_SIZE := 16064k

because 7872 + 8192 = 16064kB