Nextcloud with VPN

Hi there

My goal is to be able to access my nextcloud server from LAN at home, from WAN for foreigners and from VPN (wireguard server on router) for family members with the DNS name, e.g.

From WAN it works with a port forward.
From LAN I have setup a dns rewrite with Adguardhome.
And with VPN it doesn't work. Which do I need to change to make it work with all three?

Thanks for your Feedback!

Maybe your Nextcloud server has its own firewall which does not allow the WireGuard subnet?


Thank you for your suggestion.

I found out that I changed my wireguard client settings. I removed the DNS entry and that is why it did not work anymore. I added it again and voilà it is working again. Thank you for your time and have a nice day!

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