Next kernel update for 22.03.4

When we will get the newer kernel update for 22.03 update?

I was led to believe that the kernel won’t be updated until the next major release. I use master snapshot on most of my devices and it’s using kernel 5.15.102.

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Thats correct, current releases usually do not change Kernel.

This information is well documented.

Why are you under the impression that there will be a Kernel update in v 22 (i.e. do you mean to 6.0+)?

EDIT - it seems you asked this before and were given the same answer:

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Probably soon...

Especially in light of :

I would like to create a new OpenWrt 22.03 and 21.02 minor release in
the next week.

OpenWrt 21.02.6 would be the final release of the OpenWrt 21.02 series.


Thanks for this. And can we expect it to come with 5.10.177 as it will be coming this week as i find some patches in


I think understanding the context of that Wiki:

Read the Wiki link provided there. It clearly explains what you should expect Kernel-wise.

Also feel free to follow:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/master

Also, per our PM, I edited the titles to reflect your inquiry.


:spiral_notepad: that link shows all kernel bumps in master

This is 22.03 :point_right:

Edit 2:[0-9]%2B&sr=1

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Yes will it arrive on next week.