Newly installed OpenWrt issues

I finally got OpenWrt installed and Luci launched. At this point, I was currently using the router connected to a switch that was connected to my original/current router with was connected to my ISPs modem. I enabled SQM and installed adguardhome (didn't do anything after that) just to familiarize myself with Luci before connecting the router to my modem directly. I might also mention, the router is emitting wifi and has a usable internet source. After connecting the router to my modem, and disabling my original router, I could no longer access the internet via the new router with OpenWrt. I could, however, access Luci somehow and was trying to find what was causing the internet to not work.

I used my phone to find people with a similar issue and found multiple forum posts suggesting to change the IP on the LAN to because it was conflicting with the original router. I realize now how stupid this sounds, considering my setup but I proceeded with it anyways. I can no longer even access Luci for my device to revert these settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The IP change probably got rolled back.

As for the WAN, clone the WAN MAC address of your old router, and apply it on the 36's WAN port.

That is interesting as I just reverted the new hardware configuration, and now have the new router connected via my old router and I can access Luci via, strange.

Also, I will attempt this now, thank you.

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