Newifi D2 Bricked

I recently bought a new Newifi D2, I previously had a Y1. It had breed on it. With the Y1 I upgraded the version of breend from 1.1 to 1.3 by choosing bootloader update. This all worked ok then I put 21.03 openwrt on it. No issues.

I tried the same again with the D2 I received, however when upgrading the bootloader this bricked the D2, now when powering on the D2 all lights are on and the two right lights (power/web) are red.

Is there a way to do a recovery using a file on a USB key? similar to the xaomi miwifi (.bin file) or will I need to do a serial recovery.

See the instructions in the device git-commit section.;a=commit;h=c0e131b4363dde16a1071131b7e762e36099f780

If it was only that simple. My fault seems to be with the bootloader. I suspect I am going to need to flash via serial, I was hoping there was a USB key .bin file method though.

If the bootloader itself is shot (which is very likely, based on your description), the device is bricked completely. Anything from there on would require desoldering the spi-nor flash, flashing it externally with an spi-nor writer (e.g. ch341a and matching clamps) while recovering devices specifics (calibration data, MAC addresses, etc.) first (and restoring them as well). This can be done, but if you don't already own serial console, ch341a, clamps and soldering equipment (and have at least a little experience with it), this quickly gets more expensive than buying a working device (new or used).

tl;dr: don't play with the bootloader unless you really know what you're doing - and are aware of the risks.

I am ok with using a CH341 to flash, I have ordered one to achieve this, I was just hoping to avoid this in the short term as it will take week or two to receive the 341. the question I was asking is that the has failled when performing a boot loader update that previously worked and the router is behaving in a way that is not documented anywhere. Mind you this device seems to be a bit of a black hole when it comes to information.

Not necessarily. I, for example, haven't had to do that with any of the routers I own. Not a single one.

I assume you didn't clobber the bootloader on each and every one of your routers, generally this implies game over without externally reflashing (sometimes this might succeed in-circuit, often it doesn't). kirkwood, mvebu and lantiq (and obviously the SBCs/ x86) are afaik the only SOCs with ROM based serial flashing (kwboot, etc.).

What are you babbling about? I was talking about directly accessing the NOR-flash, not about using the bootloader.

Chill out dude...

I can confirm this can be flashed in place.

Mine 2 are with 16 pins SPI ...

Boot is:

breed> about
Boot and Recovery Environment for Embedded Devices
Copyright (C) 2018 HackPascal
Build date 2018-10-14 [git-7ca77fe]
Version 1.1 (r1237)