Newfi D2 wifi crashes on 19.07.2

I'm having issues on a Newfi D2 on 19.07.2. I can see the signal drop on my PC, then the 5Ghz network goes down. When it comes back up, the router works again. This was a fresh install on 19.07 RC1 that I upgraded to .2. I tried to go into the system log, but I don't see any errors.

My current plan is to try the 2.4 network and see if I get the same problem. If that fails, I may go back to 18.06.8 - although this is a new router (to me), so who knows if that will work. I can always go back to my WNDR3800, if all else fails!

I have the same issue, even 18.06.8 is the same. Not just 5G connection, mine is a direct LAN connection. Same issue as well.

This thread is related. My Newifi D2 is just collecting dust right now. The 2.4 Ghz network was also garbage. I never tried to test a hard wired connection at the time.

hi, im having problem, my newifi d2's wifi crash every 2 days and the only solution is reboot. is there anything that i can do? thanks.

Hey @stealthunter. Welcome to the forum. I wish I could tell you what to do to solve the problem. In the other thread I linked above there was talk about needing to flash the radio's EEPROM, but I never found out how to do it reliably. Hacking and just trying things is a bad idea in places like that.

19.07.3 has a new backported Mt76 driver. Anyone tested?

No kidding? I should have time to fire up the D2 this weekend and test it out.

19.07.3 ChangeLog

My Newifi D2 is going on 19.07.3. We'll see if it's any better throughout the weekend. So far, so good.

Well, that took about an hour before the D2 crashed on 19.07.3. It all was working great, then I lose wifi, and even if I plug into the switch, I cannot get access to LUCI to check logs. Back to the trusty old WNDR3800!

hi @motocrossmann, thanks you for your kind reply, i will look for it. im willing to learn and try how to do it as long as it will improve the signal and not brick my router.

@stealthunter, I'll be curious if you get a better result. Thanks for trying it out!

I did install Padavan firmware on the Newifi D2 and it works great. No crashes in 24 hours so far. I'd prefer OpenWRT though. Not sure if it is the opensource drivers or what?

MT76 update commited to ^origin,master;a=commit;h=479f1f2c92f6b7e75f945cfdb2214b609a92b692

Nice. Thanks @shep. I'll try the next nightly and report back.

Well it has been 24 hours on the June 1st dev snapshot and this is the first time I have had stable performance on the Newifi D2 with OpenWRT. It looks like the updates from @nbd made a big difference! (thanks!) I'm closing this thread now - if anything else comes up, I'll post a new thread in the appropriate section.

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