Newer version of SDK is crap

I have tryed to compile the experimental wave300 driver 4 days of freetime are lost because i get on error after the next specialy on the snapshot SDK is buggy
The Releases working OK but on the newer SDK i get the following error:
The selfbuildet SDK from 18.10 try to recompile the whole Linux Kernel, then i download this Day an SDK:
fakeroot segmentation fault. When i try the listed command not found.

My question is: will the SDK be tested ?
I wondering that looks that i have only these problems
or do i somthing wrong (my Slackware based OS is a littlebit older) ?

from the looks of things... you just tested it...

when using master... it's wise to keep an eye on recent commits...

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You're not looking for an easy way, are you?
Just deploy a clean VM with CentOS/Fedora or Debian/Ubuntu.
Otherwise you are most likely asking for troubles.

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I solve my Problem by using fakeroot package from OS, but i get these ugly messages:

dlsym(acl_set_fd): /opt/build/owrt/staging_dir/host/lib/ undefined symbol: acl_set_fd

Now it hangs because the directory /opt/build/owrtsdk/build_dir/target-mips_24kc_musl/linux-lantiq_xrx200/symvers is missed,
Kernel modules Makefiles need the Variable PKG_EXTMOD_SUBDIRS := , but only on SDK,
But my real problem while i must stop is on my module the Kernel will be tryed to rebuild. (on 19.07 no problem).

cool strategie if you want too chase potentiell developer away.
Will this not tested by the CI-tool or so, how do it the normal developer of openwrt ?