[Newby question] Multi-account wan login on OpenWrt?

So I am a complete beginner at openwrt

But this seems to be the most promising thing for my case :smiley:

so for a school network, I am looking to make something that essentially logs onto the school network with multiple accounts in order to increase the bandwidth of my connection (currently limited at a measly 8mb/s). The logon process is simple, just a login page with some boxes for credentials. So, is there a solution to this request?

Thanks :smiley:

External servers and hardware is not at concern.

Depends on the html code behind the page, but it's usually doable.

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On one hand, there exists the "travelmate" package, that takes care of login into captive portals.

On the other hand, i doubt doing several logins from the same router is going to increase the bandwidth. Does it work when you do that from a computer?


Thanks! I will look deeper into this

So the school WiFi seems to kind of work by remembering the MAC address of the clients. Is there a way of emulating multiple different devices with different MAC addresses? Then, would it be able to merger the connections?

Or does this require some custom hardware like 8 WiFi adapters connected to a switch and then to the main WiFi chip?


You can spoof the MAC, but are you sure it'll get you higher speed?


Just be aware that you may be identified and prosecuted for violation of the network usage rules.

The keywords to search are mwan3 and macvlan with a medium to high difficulty level.
But that can only increase summary bandwidth for multiple different connections.

Increasing bandwidth for any single connection is significantly more difficult.
That would require bonding of multiple IP/VPN tunnels routed via different interfaces.


Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post.
The reason to spoof the MAC address is to make the school network think that different devices are logging onto the network, and as with

I am hoping that it may be able to use all this to create something that is like multiple devices logged into a.network while it is actually one?

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post.
There is nothing on the school network saying that we are not allowed to do this, and in our school, anything that is not on the school handbook, you are allowed to do, so yeah :smiley:

So in this case, do you suggest me making custom hardware (i.e. stupid stuff like multiple wifi ICs connected to the hub on a main chip) or is there certain software workarounds that you know of?

Anyways, thanks for the suggestions already!

macvlan will give you two separate interfaces on the same ethernet device, each with its own MAC. Then mwan3 will treat them as two separate upstream wans, and can distribute connections between the two. This distributing connections will allow you to have more total bandwidth, but each single connection will max out at the value for the macvlan device it's assigned to. There's no easy way to combine one connection across two macvlan interfaces.

all this sounds incredibly stupid btw. The school should just use cake to give per-IP fairness to each device on their network, rather than limiting each device to a fixed 8Mbps.