Newbie trying to setup Repeater Bridge for different SSIDs

Hello there,
I have a bit of a unique request and the official documentation overwhelmed me a bit.
I have a measurement device based on an esp32 that is accessed over a Wifi Network it provides as an AP (you go on and can change settings and request data and so on).
So far, there are 4 of these devices with slightly different SSIDs (Like MeasurementDevice_3).
Now I want to setup a CPE210 that it can connect to any of the networks and repeat its signal so it can be accessed from further away. The devices are far enough apart, that the repeater will always only see one of the networks, but it is kind of annoying to always change the ssid of the AP in the settings of the repeater (currently with stock image, as im not familiar with openwrt yet).
Is it possible to setup openwrt to try to connect to any of the 4 APs (or even any Wifi network where the SSID matches a regex) and repeat its signal to a fixed name (Like MeasurementDevice_EXT) or the same name as the host network?

What would be the approximate procedure for that?

Maybe change your ESP32 to wifi client mode from AP mode will solve the problem.

AFAIK, yes, you can do that with OpenWrt: configure four wifi interfaces as STA, and another one as AP, then "bridge" them together:

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