Newbie: Suspicious routes to 169.254.x.x (br-lan)?

I am quite new to openwrt, and when inspecting Luci > Status > Routes there appears to be three routes to 169.254.-addresses on the br-lan-interface: 50:1A:C5:D2:2E:54 (br-lan) 50:1A:C5:D2:2E:52 (br-lan) 78:AB:BB:73:79:89 (br-lan)

These are local IPs, right?, and I just don't understand the function of these routes. (Local network is 192.168.10.) This makes me nervous... So I would greatly appreciate if anybody could enlighten me: Should I be concerned, or is there some explanation to this?

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Those are ARP cache entries for link-local addresses.
They are typically used by the LAN clients as failover when DHCP server is unavailable, or the router is offline.
You can simply reconnect your clients to fetch the proper address with DHCP.


I see, and you are right: I checked DHCP leases now and two of those MACs are present within the expected local IP range. Thanks a lot for the swift reply :slight_smile:

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