Newbie question: Switch on WRT1900ACS

Hi all:)

This is my first time using any custom router image, and LEDE looked nice, so here I am. I have used routers running pfsense up until now, and this is quite different. However:

I have flashed LEDE Shelby 1900ACS-image from @davidc502 and it's up and running and everything looks good except I can't get any communication from WIFI to a computer plugget into LAN port. I can see the wired computer on the status page and it has ip from the DHCP-server. I have read some posts here and on the openwrt-forums and it seems like I need to configure the LAN-ports to work as a switch(?) using VLAN? Could someone please point me in right direction?

can you post your files:

Which ip has the device connected to the wifi?
I think you don't need vlans.

Do your wifi clients get an ip address? I'm also facing wifi issues. My clients do not even get an ip. If that's the case for you as well try restarting dnsmasq. For me that solved the wifi issue as a workaround.