Newbie question on network routes and Firewall rules

Hi all

I'm a newbie with OpenWRT that I discovered with a tiny router, a GL-iNET MT-300N-V2

And now I've discovered this helpful forum!

I have as a main modem/router a Fritz 7590 ( and I would like to use this OpenWRT router to get another network subnet (10.10.2.x).

I've installed and if I connect directly to the OpenWRT router I can see all the devices connected to the Fritz, but if I connect to the Fritz LAN or WLAN I can't see the OpenWRT router as well as any of the devices connected to it.

On the Fritz under Network setting I've created a static route lie this


What should I do on the GL-iNET to let the devices connected to it to see the other subnet?


You need to change the gateway to the 10.10.1.X IP address of the OpenWrt and disable NAT on OpenWrt.

Thanks @trendy

Do you know where I can find those options on Luci OpeWRT web-ui?

This is the network menu on the GL-iNET


At: Network > Interfaces

At: Network > Firewall - Uncheck Masquerading

You mean like this? Just on the LAN interface?


Like this? On Lan or Wan or both?


It's the static route on the fritz!box that should use the 10.10.1.x IP address of the openwrt router as gateway.

so, like in the first post picture?

The fritz is and the OpenWrt router is

The fritz!box needs to use the WAN IP address of the OpenWrt as gateway of the static route, it should be in the subnet.


That made the trick!

I've used the WAN IP address of the OpenWrt as gateway in the static route definition on the Fritz and it's working!!

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