Newbie question about package features

HI I have not installed OpenWRT yet becuase I don't have a compatible device yet, so I am just doing research.

I do not understand how to explore / research "packages" to find out if they do what I want.

For example: I want to be able to see the network traffic for any wifi device (i.e. pick a device from list, see current connections and bandwidth being used, and possibly a log from the previous hour.)

How do I search for a package that does that? The package list is not "moron friendly" i.e. like the app store or gooble play store with feature descriptions, unless I don't know where to find this information yet.

thank you for hepling me.

Such a functionality does not exist.

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sad trombone

would I be better trying to do this with an external software package like Wireshark?

With tcpdump + wireshark you can analyze the raw packets as they flow, and get some insights on the protocols. But, as far as I know, there is no option to keep the history for an hour, or get the upper level information you seem to need.

If I remember right Wireshark has the possibility to send the information to long term storage.
But one hour of package information only for a single client is a humongous amount of log data to store.

And the information will mostly be https traffic.

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