Newbie porting and compiling own package

Hi all.
Please help me to porting this app to openwrt LEDE. I'm a bit newbie with make.

I wanted to ported yasdi to Openwrt to brcm63xx. More details here :

At he first, I prepare SDK on ubuntu environment. I follow:

tar -vxf openwrt*
cd openwrt*

Copy new package to /packages named "libyasdi" wuth files indicated here:

I don't understand what this do:
./scripts/feeds update -a
./scripts/feeds install -a

At this point, on "make menuconfig", I cant' see any packages. Change suggested on "global build settings" and save.

Now we do just "make". No errors but no .ipk file are generated.

Any help will be apreciated. Thanks.

I asked a very similar question just a few days ago and I got one response response. I got some encouragement to try something a little easier first. Iam trying to build firmware for the wndr 4300 V2. The source files I downloaded are too messed up for me to fix. I'm going to start with a very clean image source file for open wrt for a router that I already have. That should be easier to step through and in the process I will learn what I need to know to be able to tackle bigger problems like the one you are talking about. If you have a router that is supported I would invite you to join me and we can step through the process of compiling an image together even if it is for two different routers. If there are several of us doing this together the developers will be more likely to help us with problems. Just my two cents. Let me know.


Especially as it sounds like you’re going to be messing with source, I’d recommend the full build system. It has the same prereqs.

The first build of the toolchain may take 10-20 minutes on a fast machine, perhaps an hour on a slower machine, but it tends to be a one-time thing (unless you're tracking master or building multiple devices out of the same directory). If on a slow machine, fire up your first build (see below for a recommendation), have dinner, a drink, ...

If you enable ccache in developer options, all your subsequent builds will be much faster.

I'd suggest building something "bullet-proof" to make sure your environment is set up properly and to get a hang of how it all works. As an example, the ar71xx, TP-Link Archer C7v2 is one that is very solid. You don't need to flash it, just use it to sort things out. Edit: I like wulfy23's suggestion of x86_64 and a VM as you can then run your image safely as well.

Then I'd move to your own device and confirm that you can build a "stock" image for it.

From there, you'll have a solid foundation on which to start poking at your package.


Another option......

Run an x86_64 build root.......

Run the results in a virtualbox.....

This way, you are separating the learning curve.... buildroot vs crosscompiling.....

Much, much simpler.... to get the hang of when your not dealing with two overlapping concepts...

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Finally I can resolve. :innocent:

Tree ponts:
-On "make menuconfig" select [*] to built-in library.
-Minor adaptations on code.
-To compile only package, do : make /package/libyasdi/compile



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