Newbie needs help - OpenWrt aside ISP Router

First post on this forum, after having read plenty of posts for a while...

I currently have Orange as ISP, with a ONT+Router device (livebox fibra by Arkadyan). I currently dont intend to bridge the ISP router, I just want to put a OpenWRT router (TP-Link 1750) aside, from witch to run 90% of the network (all except 2 google devises and a TV device).

I just cant manage to set up the second network runing. Whenever I modify the OpenWRT’s IP to a different network (through web interface) it does not allow it. If the Orange router is set to run on, i’m trying to set up the OpenWRT router’s network to, but it keeps reverting it….

I dont really know what i’m doing wrong….

Openwrt reverts the settings if you are not able to reconnect to luci within 90s after you made the change. Best thing would be to connect your pc via ethernet cable to the router and apply your settings. Once applied, browse to


Thanx for the advise. I will try via SSH, I just hope I dont end up with a bricked router....

Set your computer to fixed/static IP AND
Setup OpenWRT to and, when you hit the apply button (and before the time runs out), open another tab and browse to ... the config should apply.

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Would having 2 different PCs prepared to be linked to the router each with a different fixed IP work? ( and

I think that editing through SSH will be easier...
Without the OpenWRT router being linked to the ISP router, I'll switch it on and conect an ethernet cable to my Laptop. I'll do an ssh root@ and move to the /etc/NEtwork folder. I gather that I'll have to edit (with vi?) the LAN parameters... Is this correct? What parameters should I set in order the OpenWRT router to conect to the existing ISP router on the fix IP of, and generating a new network 192.168.100.XX?

There will be a DMZ between both routers, I just want the network to be managed by the OpenWRT router (as a first stage prior to set the ISP router on bridge mode, with all the hasard of configuring the VLANs etc.).

Sure, that could be an option... but there are several solutions in the wiki link I included earlier.
The two easiest are:

  • Choose Apply Unchecked in the dialogue box*/. This will apply the settings without checking if you can access the new IP or not, so double check the IP.


  • Connect with SSH and issue the commands: uci set network.lan.ipaddr='' ; uci commit network ; service network restart

(where your you'd use the desired address of instead of from the example).

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AFAIK, very few operating systems allow you to set two addresses on the network interface (although it is possible on many OS's using advanced settings or CLI, but this capability is usually not exposed in the GUI).

oh, sorry, I just know linux, windows and mac. my bad.

The Mac only lets you set a single IP per interface by default. You can create additional instances of an interface in the GUI or add IPs via the CLI, but both of these require extra steps. Most Linux flavors that I have used are similar in that regard. It's not that it isn't possible, it is just that it isn't straightforward. And, IMO, the "apply unchecked" or CLI options in OpenWrt are the easier way to accomplish the goal of changing the IP without the automatic rollback.

I have fianlly followed the details in the wiki you provided, and it all works fine. MANY THANKS!!!
Sorry for the delay in the answer, but I've being away from home and the router......
Everything is now working as it should. I've founf that going through SSH was the easiest.

Awesome! Glad you're running now!

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