Newbie: LEDE on WRT1900ACSv2?


I recently got a Linksys WRT1900ACSv2 router.
Initially I installed OpenWRT but had major problems connecting to the 5 GHz network (read: I couldn't).
I switched to a DD-WRT beta version and everything works quite well since - except that it's totally unstable.
I can hardly get more than two days of uptime out of this thing until all network connections are dropped at some point.

I would like to try the current LEDE release, but I'm unsure if my router is supported or what's required from my side to get it running.
Looking at the devices database, I find the WRT1900ACS v1/v2 routers and a remark "v2 needs newer wifi driver".
What does that remark mean? Is there a "newer wifi driver" available that I can install immediately and it's just not part of the inital image?
Or do I need to wait until such a driver is provided by someone?

Looking at the download site (, I can only find files for the 1900ACS(v1) but none explicitely for the v2. As there are two different versions for the 1900AC series (without the S), I suppose that I shouldn't use the file for the 1900ACSv1?

Could anyone shed some light on this for me?
Thanks a lot in advance!


The ACSv2 is supported, but it won't improve WIFI stability. That is an issue with the WIFI driver, and has not been fixed yet. DD-WRT and Lede use the same version of the driver.

Thanks for your reply!
Well, I guess I can stick with DD-WRT for the time being...


For Lede, forum-users have written some work-around scripts that restart the interface as soon as it detects an issue with it.
might be a solution for you too. If you search this forum, you should be able to find it,

That sounds promising, however, I can't find anything (tried various combinations of: wrt1900acs, wifi, script, workaround). I'd much apprechiate it if you could point me in the right direction.


try the custom builds and see how it works for you