Newbie - LEDE on BT Openreach ECI VG3503J V2?

The BT Openreach supplied ECI Telecom VDSL modem VG3503J-V1 has LEDE firmware available, but not yet for the -V2 model. OpenWRT has firmware for both models. What is the difference between V1 and V2 and is it possible to use the -V2 with LEDE? Thanks.

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Since 9d0608eef3e5b9fca19ece2c5fcc90659f8630a6 the image works for V1 and V2. Please take care of the change install instructions:

Unfortunally there is an typo in the commit message. The correct syntax for the erase command is:

VR9 # erase 0xb0020000 +$(filesize)

Thank you - I will try it on my ECI VG3503J V2 in the next few days. Listing number 161 on needs updating as it is currently blank, suggesting that the V2 is not supported.

Can Confirm LEDE works on both the V1 & V2.

LEDE automatically detects the correct drivers so just the one image is needed :slight_smile:

Wonder if anyone can help, I tried to flash my VG3503J with the latest version of LEDE, seemed to go well but wouldn't boot - stupidly removed the ping command from the env and now it's stuck in a boot loop and I can't seem to interrupt the bootloader to try flashing again.

Am I SoL and need to try and attempt a JTAG recovery, or is there some neat trick where I can get back into the V9 prompt?

fwiw, I finally upgraded from Chaos Calmer to LEDE 17.01.4 on my V1 after discovering this thread for the solution.

I've updated the wiki to hopefully help others.

The LAN1 and LAN2 ports appear to be transposed in LuCI when using LEDE and OpenWRT 18.06.0 snapshot on my V1. @mkresin is looking for any V2 owner to confirm whether or not the LAN ports are transposed. Update: this has been fixed for OpenWRT 18.06.0.