Newbie: How to choose the correct firmware from release index

Simple question for newbie that is willing to try the LEDE project:

After reading the Quick Start Guide and trying to understand the basic steps, I was directed to the download page: which shows a Index of directories that I believe are compile versions of the LEDE release for different types of chips (ie. SoC/uC/hardware), OK. But how to identify my router ?

In my case I have a TP-Link TL-WDR3600 version 1.5

On this page I understand that it is based on Soc Atheros AR9344 and that the radio is Atheros AR9344 + AR9582

The download page (se above the link) shows (most similar nicknames) two possibilities: at91/ and ath25/

Which one should I use ? Well on the left menu choose "Downloads" then you will see the topic: "More about Downloads" then right below clink on the link: "Find out which firmware to download for your device" then a sheet will be shown. You need to narrow down the search filling out the Brand, model, and so that the form will show the link at column "Firmware LEDE Install URL".

I would suggest to create a "description file" or "Instructions" on the download link because, otherwise, it is very difficult to guess how this works or the correct firmware from nicknames.

My first impression was that the firmware repository was almost enigmatic to be nice :unamused:

Please help.

It can be a little confusing at first, LEDE also has a Table of Hardware and if you look up your router on it you'll see Device/Tech Data column on the far right which will take you here in the case of your router. On that page you'll want to look for Target, for your router the Target is ar71xx, and if you scroll down you'll see links to Firmware LEDE install for installing from stock firmware and Firmware LEDE upgrade for installing from within LEDE. So basically, what you need to know is what your Target is and for packages what your Package Architecture is (also listed on the Tech Data page).

Thank you for the promptly reply. How this helps newbies.

What's the problem?[Model*~]=3600

Dear @tmomas

I believe that part of the problem was a server glitch that did not show the download links without filters active at the table of supported hardware a few days ago, and that now looks to have returned to normal.

Also to be unfamiliar with layout standard used here, which makes finding things difficult for at first.

Best regards.