Newbie: how does flashing via LuCI work? (Raspberry, SDcard)


I tried to flash a variant of OpenWrt (OMR) for Raspberry Pi 3 B+ to sdcard. But upon bad configuration, the router is no longer accessible.

I tried to reflash the image again to the sdcard hoping that it will clear out the bad configuration but it didn't work (the configurations seem to remain in the sdcard).

I had to flash the sdcard with raspbian image before flashing OMR image to clear out the configurations.

  1. How do I flash image and clear out the data/configurations?
  2. I noticed when flashing in LuCI, there is an option to Keep settings. How does it reset the settings when unticked? Where in the source code can I look it up?
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I think that the SD card based routers differ pretty much from the "normal" ones, so most of the general advice you find is likely targeted toward normal routers with NOR/NAND flash handled via mtd.

You will need to look for Raspberry-specific advice, so I edited your topic title to attract the knowledgeable people...