Newbie here. Could i get a guide on how to install OpenWrt with serial, step-by-step or a link to an existing one?


  • TFTP is the Ethernet software to transfer files
  • PuTTY is a terminal emulator that talks on the Serial line

You are being unclear.. i tested both... Link a video or something if you have any.

  • See above
  • You need both

I'll try to find a vid...but PuTTy is said Debian...

Ok.. Yeah well.. I should not have used ethernet right? I should use putty right? Serial connection.. I did only use serial connection firstly..

You need both!

(Circles again - lemme find a video for you...)

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aha... Ok, yeah well. i can try one last time i guess..

I posted a video, please remember do not follow any commands nor use any of the files in the video!

Follow the commands on the WIki!

I know that. I want examples... Gonna check how he connects. thnx

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Fast forwarded:

Thanks. The router is working now. All up and running. Nah but i will watch that in a sec.. Making some food, then i will watch and try one more last time for today. Thanks! Peace out

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BTW, this means your laptop/PC running TFTP software is set to when you do the file transfer via Ethernet cable.

:spiral_notepad: (Firewall on machine running TFTP turned off.)

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