Newb with a few questions for those in the know

Don't know about the WRT3200, but I own three C2600s, and I'm very happy with them.

If you want better range/coverage, get a mesh, like the Asus Lyra AC2200, it can run openwrt.

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Thanks for all the help, I bought the one you linked. There's a lot to selecting a router, much more than I thought. There's also a boatload more products on the market than I thought.

I remember the days of the old WRT54GS when selecting a router was easy - you picked that one. It would be cool if there was another legendary wifi router like that for modern times, that everyone loved.

Installation instructions

You might want to skip the most recent stable releases, since there have been reports of freezes and random reboots, but also working workarounds. While my 19.07.3 have an uptime of almost 200 days,

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Is that something common when using OpenWRT or other third party firmware? Frequently troubleshooting my router is not my idea of a good time, although I know I'm probably in the minority here.

Another newb question that I have to ask is: Is the "web GUI" (as opposed to CLI) usable when the internet is down? When I hear that it's web based, I think about typing the old into the browser's address bar. And that gets you into the router. This works even if you don't have an internet connection.

Is that the same way OpenWRT's GUI works? Or do you really need some form of internet connectivity?

Since 3rd party FWs don't maintain and control the code within the fw, bugs can be introduced through the source of the code, used by the fw.

On the other hand, firmware is updated more frequently than stock, bugs get fixed once there's a solution provided by the maintainer.

Frequent updates should give you higher security, since new exploits are actually patched.

webui is always available, unless you install a snapshot image, where it have to be added manually.

Keep in mind, vendor FWs are far from bug free.

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