Newb seeking a low coverage versatile router

I am moving, looking to start afresh with openwrt on my router. It seems I will be getting 300/100mbps.

VPN needs to be configured (probably wireguard)
One user connected (me) with possibly multiple devices (servers such as web, email, media, etc.), where these are all personal.
WiFi is a must. Main computer will be connected via ethernet though.
Super small coverage: 20sqm, no walls.
2/3 ethernet ports. No need for usb.
Budget = 100$
Required features may be increasing over-time, if this is not obvious?

How demanding is that setup compared to the budget?
Can an all-in-one router suffice?
With varied uses, would I be better off getting 2.4 and 5g?
What are metrics of the router I should consider?

I am ok with linux, and would love to learn new stuff!
Point me to anything worthwhile, and thanks to everyone.


You can check this thread:

Regarding the low coverage, you can always reduce the transmission power, to adjust to your requirements.

The GL-MT3000 could be a good candidate.
The GL-MT6000 has more headroom for future requirements, but is also a bit more expensive.

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300/100 MBit/s with VPN is the major performane requirement here - and a significant one.

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Indeed, if full speed VPN is required, the budget would be a limiting factor.
It’s not a full gig line, but this still is valid:

That is a fair point. Could you elaborate on that?

What should I consider when optimizing for VPN speed? And is a downgrade from the 300/100 speed might be better, considering the budget (then later upgrade)?

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Most likely, when discovering more about OpenWrt, you would also want features like SQM (traffic shaping) and (centralized) advertisement blocking
Also, an ISP connection 300/100mbps might increase in some time.
=> With that in mind I would recommend to stretch your budget a bit and opt for the previously recommended GL-MT6000


MT3000 is able to do Wireguard at around 300 Mbps, but without SQM. Get a slower link or choose MT6000.

Just get the MT3000, and if one day you really upgrading internet speed then you can sell it for better one, this travel router is really nice so it shouldn't be difficult to sell.

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