Newb Question Image verification


Please let me start by saying good luck to you all on the new LEDE project. I am new to firmware updating and have little Linux knowledge. So I have a big learning curve ahead of me.
I am starting my first router firmware upgrade on a Netgear R6100 router. I have downloaded the LEDE firmware but for the life of me I can't find the checksum file that is supposed to be located in the same area.
I am using this Netgear R6100 as a learning box and all goes well I will try to move on to my Linksys 1900ACS router.
My goal is to learn enough to get a stable router with the same features as stock firmware and more. I want to setup a central VPN service on my router for privacy when any device connects to the internet.

Thanks in advance for any guidance or suggestions that may be offered.


Look for sha256sum, you can find more info here.

There is also an experimental sha256 searchtable: