Newb and new Install done on on Netgear R6100 Have questions

Hi Everyone,
As the topic says i just completed the basic initial install of LEDE on my Netgear R6100 router. I am really new so I appologize in advance for these real basic questions. A few things I noticed are the 5Ghz band isn't being detected. Also, I noticed an error in the log in regards to the USB.
log entry:
user.notice : /etc/rc.common: eval: line 1: can't create /sys/class/leds/netgear:blue:usb/ports/usb1-port1: nonexistent directory

How can I correct these issues. Please know I have computer skills but little linux but want to learn. So any guidance is appreciated on were to go and how to proceed in solving these issues.


After some more reading I found the section that states the 5Ghz band isn't setup by default. I believe this is the firmware I need to install ath10k-firmware: update qca9984 firmware. If I am wrong someone please correct me. If I am correct, please tell me how I can get it installed keeping in mind I am a newb at the linux stuff. I saw the Make file section but I am not familiar with it an I am not running a linux box currently. I googled the ath10k-firmware: update qca9984 firmware and found a few bin files but if someone can give me some insight as to what I need to do to get it loaded I would greatly appreciate it. I am runnig a Windows 10 PC.