New Xiaomi router AC2100

The config backup file, only for current used version.
When you upgrade from 19 to 21.02.3, better you re-config it manually from factory defaults.

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i have a redmi ac2100 with breed web, how to change it to stock firmware?

I’m new here, I’m wondering if open wrt will work on a Chinese firmware?

@beastfiend29: There's stock firmware file for flashing with BREED in the chinese and russian forums. You need to flash it to slot 1 and slot 2 in BREED before booting.

@ambitiousnuisance: Yeah, the openwrt installation guide will work with the Chinese firmware v2.0.23

can i have the link of the stock firmware for breed web?

Here's the link to 4PDA forum's user that shared the files:

Hey just installed the latest version of openwrt on my redmi ac2100 but lan 3 doesnt seem to work, on my windows pc the icon acts as if i keep plugging and unplugging the lan cable

hello, I tried one-way iperf3 from my cell phone POCO F3 to 5Ghz AC using Openwrt 22.03.0-rc4, I got a speed like this, is there a better version of Openwrt in terms of speed, or is it my cellphone that has limited specifications, thanks all

~450 MBit/s is quite good for 2x2 (limited by your client, the phone) 802.11ac/ wave2.

160mhz wide channels are always an option, but that has it's own set of issues and may not actually net you better throughput. (In all likelihood worse throughput.)

In other news, it looks like you can in theory build uboot for mt7621 in-tree now. I'm not sure why you would, given the risks involved if you bung it up and have no hardware to reflash, but it's an option.

Hello all.

I found some motivation to switch my redmi AC2100 from the latest SCP07 build to the latest 21.03.0RC5.
when uploading sysupgrade image i got that advertising :

Capture d’écran du 2022-07-20 21-41-08

not sure what to do... i cancelled operation ...

so, is it normal because of the software version increase or is it an advert on possible hardware mismatch ?

please can someone give me an advice ?

best regards


Last week I migrated a redmi AC2100 (white version) from scp07's build to 22.03.0 RC5 .

In my case it was safe to migrate. I selected "Force upgrade" and unchecked "Keep settings". Therefore the configuration was lost. I had a previous backup, so I copy/pasted the configuration settings in the relevant files in /etc/config (network, dhcp and wireless)... that did the trick.

There was a caveat though: the ethernet ports didn't behave as expected (cable connected devices didn't get a dhcp ip address, one port was flapping). Not wanting to struggle with a RC, I finally installed the last stable version (21.02.03).

Openwrt 21.02.03 behaved as expected from scratch and has been working OK for 36h. The 5G wireless network seems stable (that was the reason why I wanted to migrate).

I have yet to perform speed tests to find out whether this change improves or worsens the data throughput. .

I hope this information may help

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Yes !
this information is precious.

thanks a lot

Redmi ac2100 openwrt supports beamforming+mumimo?

Does it test transfer from client to server or vice versa?

what distance was this test and did you have any walls between you?

Will this overclocking work for Xiaomi R4A gigabit edition 1200Ac ?

Cpu is MT7621 @ 800mhz Mips

Sorry for my late response. I haven't been in this forum for quite some time.
Overclocking the MT7621 is possible. I have tried speeds up to 1100 MHz and it works.
But I haven't tried this on my R4A.
The Mi-4A (R4A), Mi-4 (R4), Mi-3G (R3G) and also the Mi-AC2100 (R2100) are using the same CPU plattform (MT7621).
So it should also be possible with the R4A.

Yeah I think so

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It should work, it worked on my redmi ac2100, R3G v1 and xiaomi router 3 pro.

But i would not recommend it, the postage stamp-sized heatsink on 4a gigabit cannot handle the heat.