New Xiaomi router AC2100

The config backup file, only for current used version.
When you upgrade from 19 to 21.02.3, better you re-config it manually from factory defaults.

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i have a redmi ac2100 with breed web, how to change it to stock firmware?

Iā€™m new here, Iā€™m wondering if open wrt will work on a Chinese firmware?

@beastfiend29: There's stock firmware file for flashing with BREED in the chinese and russian forums. You need to flash it to slot 1 and slot 2 in BREED before booting.

@ambitiousnuisance: Yeah, the openwrt installation guide will work with the Chinese firmware v2.0.23

can i have the link of the stock firmware for breed web?

Here's the link to 4PDA forum's user that shared the files: