New Xiaomi router AC2100

Can you use WinSCP?

Yes I can but. I have official firmware still. What should I type username and password. I didn't do anything except connect with telnet. Should SCP work?

You could just add an or for the second vendor. I just chucked that line in so people wouldn't have to go looking up their mac addresses in tcpdump.

Hopefully they didn't plan on using more than two vendors when programming these at factory.

Edit: Yes I am aware Xiaomi own a buttload of mac vendor namespace.

Sorry, forgot about that.

You could try netcat if it's available.

Have netcat but its not stable. Disconnects it self after a small time amount.

Is it possible to boot an OpenWrt initramfs image?

The router comes with curl. You could setup a lightweight FTP server and upload your files using curl.

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What you could do, since we're putting busybox on there anyway... (From the OpenWrtInvasion repo)

# Start FTP server
    ln -sfn busybox ftpd # Create symlink needed for running ftpd
    ./busybox tcpsvd -vE 21 ./ftpd -Sw / >> /tmp/messages 2>&1 &

Would suggest you at least backup your bootloader, u-boot config, and factory partitions if you're deciding to backup stuff.

From the bootloader yes. You'd need to turn on the boot delay and uart though.

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A draft guide (for the wiki) is provided a few posts back by @namidairo :

I have a build environment that I use to regularly build my own OpenWrt images for my own routers and APs and I could do a build using the patch by @namidairo if interested?
...but I have no way to test the build yet (I have ordered 2 x RM2100 devices yesterday).

I've compiled two versions:
The RM2100 (white flat router) is latest openwrt/master with this commit by @namidairo cherry-picked on top

The R2100 (black cylinder version) is by @thorsten97 and latest openwrt/master merged on top.

I've added LuCI - but everything else is standard.

They are available here - THEY ARE UNTESTED. If you test them please report if they work or not (I will obviously remove them if they break stuff).

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How you managed to add Luci? I compiled too but when I tried to install Luci with opkg I got error for kernel version 5.4. Everything else works on @thorsten97 's firmware.

FIX: Compiled builtin like @hammer told and after that disabled https forward at "/etc/config/uhttpd". If I dont disable it I won't be able to use luci. After doing this successfully using luci.

And you should rename wireless names at "/etc/config/wireless" radio0--->wlan0 radio1---->wlan1
After doing this you can use firmware of throsten97

If you do
./scripts/feeds update -a
./scripts/feeds install -a
then when you do
make menuconfig
you can add LuCI->Collections->luci as "built-in" - that's what I did in the builds I've made and linked.


Wireless performance so bad than stock firmware. Any one know fix? I didn't do anything except get running @thorsten97's firmware.

MT76 is a driver under active development.
A huge number of changes to the MT76 driver was just merged 3 hours ago (and they are not in the builds I made earlier today)

Merge openwrt/master and rebuild (assuming you have cloned into a directory)
git remote add openwrt
git fetch --all
git merge openwrt/master

Oh thanks. I'll try and publish news to here.

EDIT: compiled and flashed but still sameish. Little improvement but not close to stock still. I getting same speed and ping 30/5 with 1 wall behind of router. I have 100/5 and can get max 45/5 if I connect more that 1 device this is shareing between them cannot pass 45mbps.

A build I had from a few days ago with the above MT76 commits. (Hey, I wanted the TDLS...)

Edit: I think I had luci built in, but you'll have to self-build if you want sqm or anything that uses a kernel module.

I'd like to test the cylinder one. How do I flash it? Where to start?

My wireless performance is horrible than stock firmware. This is my first OpenWRT setup. Maybe I've missconfigured something. Can someone share wireless config with me? Or what packages and configs neccesery for wireless on AC2100. Thanks.

I own this router as well,
I have some knowledge in coding, and I'm quite comfortable with Linux terminal.
I've managed to extract the boot log from it and wanted to upload it, until I saw someone else already did that :sweat_smile:
Getting some English menu and advanced options for this router would be great.
Is there anything I can do to help with the development of OpenWRT for this router?

Hi everyone. I'm totally newcomer to openwrt community. I found a firmware for my device . And I latest builded snapshot with that. But I don't know what is wrong but I can't reach near quarter of speeds at stock firmware(MiWiFi based openwrt). I don't know whats wrong but I thought is 5.4 can cause this issue? And I wanna try to build firmware which I given above based OpenWRT(19.07.x) but I don't know how I can do that. If you help to build the firmware I wanna test with 4.xx kernel

My Device: Xiaomi Mi AC2100 (Xiaomi R2100)
MT7621+(MT7603E - MT7615E)

And I'm welcoming all improvement suggestions for wireless.
My wireless bitrates are 27mbps/108mbps(2.4/5) both are terrible. I can't use network. If anyone helps me to get rid of this situation I'll be glad... Thanks.

And can we use closed source driver which on official stock firmware. If yes. How?

Or can we go back stock firmware with root access and ssh?

Thanks.. Have a good day...