New Xiaomi router AC2100

Can you write instructions on how to correctly add drivers to brench 19.07.3?

WPA3 provides improvements to the general Wi-Fi encryption. Use anyone WPA3, if use please explain is processor overheating as a result of using option WPA3 or not?

just put it under "package" folder.But it only support linux 5.4

These are the currently most widely known guides:


Both guides work for both versions - black cylinder and white 6-antenna. Of course you have to use the appropriate kernel1 and rootfs0 for each model as there are seperate files for them.

Both guides can be used with my images from post 539


If nobody will backport kernel version 5.4 for OpenWRT 19.07 we won't be able to use it in the stable version tree. Even in the master tree 5.4 is set as a testing kernel version for ramips architectures.

This means: there won't be any way to use these proprietary drivers in 19.07 in the short term. As a result I can't include it in my current branch or in any of my 19.07.3 images. :disappointed_relieved:

Hi. New forum user here.
I just followed the guide under and I found 2 issues in the tutorial.

The first issue is related to a bug in The script initializes the values of the different tags to None on line 12. At one point, host_uniq is sent to scapy while still being set to None which does not work since scapy wants str or bytes. This throws an exception. It may be related to the version of scapy. Mine is at 2.4.3. As a workaround, I initialized the tags to b'\0', which works.

The other issue is that the page instructs to download busybox-mips instead of mipsel: "a statically compiled mipsel busybox binary (take “busybox-mips” version)". busybox-mips does not work, you actually need busybox-mipsel. I found this out the hard way. If you try to run busybox-mips, you get the cryptic error message: ./busybox: line 1: syntax error: unexpected "(".

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It's a wiki, i.e. every logged in user can improve the page. :slight_smile:

Damn.. i've been trying to follow the tutorial to flash the OpenWRT on RM AC2100 but i have no idea what many of the things mean..

Is there some easier, or video tutorial? it would be extremely helpful.

tut. i've been trying to follow:

Just try it with the tutorial from

That one should be easier to follow. Currently there's no way to do it more easily than that.


So everything is the same for Black and White versions of the router? :slight_smile:

edit: can i do it by following the video tutorial? - i think i can follow it with CC on if it works fine

Except of that you need different images for each model, yes. Everything is the same for both models.

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Thanks @scp07 for your hard work on that router.

I followed the github guide :
and successfully flashed your 19.0.3 firmware.
it works nicely as a simple wired repeater, really stronger than my R3Gv1.

hope we can see an official support soon.
Thx again and best regards

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WPA3 provides improvements to the general Wi-Fi encryption. Use anyone WPA3?

effectively with chrome in private browsing or another browser it is almost immediate.

I followed same tutorial but I can't enable 5Ghz WiFi network. Is needed anything after to enable it. 2.4Ghz appears as a Mediatek device but 5Ghz shows a generic device and when I enable it, it doesn't make anything

I got the same generic device but it works for me :

Looks similar but I enabled and I see like this the whole time

I think it stays like this until a device is associated.

Edit // you can try to set a 5GHz channel manually (36 or 40 for eg).
Auto channel seem a bit long to detect the 1st time.

Hello,not compile with your driver. I used master brench

just did a quick check - if TRX v1 and v2 are using magic HDR0, this firmware is expecting magic HDR1
(magic being first X bytes of the file, in this case X=4)