New Xiaomi router AC2100

Hello! I got a new toy to you. I am working several days to make a build based on OpenWrt (kernel 5.4.110) and the MTK propietary drivers for wireless.

It works really well, even as repeater mode, with very good speeds.

Try it and tell me.

Is based on this github code, but with some moddifications I made:

Version Mod 1.2

- Improved behavior for handling wifi interfaces
- Added a workaround to keep the iface state (up/down) for every wireless iface and survive to a reboot (need testing)
- Changed the behavior of the STA mode and some fixes
- Some improvements in MTK control panel.
- Added a feature to create the bridges in the MTK Control Panel (for testing prouposes)
- Added some testing buttons at bottom of MTK Control Panel(All bridged, run wifi fix, restart network).

Version Mod 1.1

- Added Xiaomi MI Router AC2100 builds
- Added luci-app-adblock
- Fixed auto-start of iperf3.
- Fixed NTP servers (now should appear in clean install)

Version Mod 1.0

- MTK Wifi control panel translated to english (initially is all in chinnese)
- LuCi UI is available in english, spanish and chinnese
- Remove bloatware
- Added htop, iperf3 (autostart as server) and nano.
- Fixed a bug that don't keep Wifi settings after a reboot in some cases.
- Fixed some parts of the WiFi handling in luci-app-mtwifi and lua.
- Some improvements here and there.
- Based on Kernel 5.4.110 (OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r3150-5dcbd82a5 / LuCI Master (git-21.096.35788-b200c7b))


- IP:
- User/Pass: root/root
- Default Lang: English
- WiFi 2.4 Mhz: MTK_2G (pass: 876543210)
- WiFi 5 Mhz: MTK_5G (pass: 876543210)
- IMPORTANT: Maybe you need to RELOAD both wireless drivers, at least the first time you load this firmware to make it working.


Redmi AC2100 (white router with antennas) & Xiaomi AC2100 (black cilinder):