New user profile fields: OpenWrt user since + Devices in use

FYI - I just added two new user profile fields:

I thought it might be interesting and appropriate in the OpenWrt forum.

You can find these fields in your profile -> Preferences -> Profile

Feel free to fill in those fields, or not, as you like :slight_smile:


OpenWrt Release History and Timeline


I don't understand what you want to say by linking to the history.

If someone uses OpenWrt long enough, he may not remember the exact year or version number when he started using it, but the code name of the release.


Also the forum archives may help in figuring out if that year was 2011 or 2010 or ...

Long before any Attitude Adjustment, but not quite Kamikaze survival...

Indeed, thanks.
I'm pretty sure I started with WhiteRussian, on a WRT54GS