New user, likely stupid questions: Atheros QCA9880 setup

Hello all,
I'm pleased to report I recently got my hands on a PC Engines APU3 C2 with an Atheros QCA9880-based PCIe WiFi card and a (couple of) LM940-based cellular boards...
Running OpenWrt 22.03.5 r20134-5f15225c1e

For context I've been very happy with my WRT1900ACS running Gargoyle, WRT Gigabit switch, and home server running all sorts under ESXi...
...but I've had a great deal of trouble getting a stable cellular WAN connection via a HUAWEI 5G router functioning as a modem - a POS in my opinion. Yes, gargoyle will run fine using a USB modem but the speeds are terrible - probably because such modems tend not to be any good.

After a fair deal of faffing I've gotten OpenWRT up and running, missing drivers installed for the PCIe cards - from reading it seems there is some debate as to what drivers will function reliably (sigh) but so far I seem to have lucked-in. Yet to check the cellular modem(s) for connectivity as I've not transferred the SIM as yet, one step at a time.
This video proved most useful for the process of getting WiFi up and running:
The proof of the pudding is I'm typing this on a laptop connected via WiFi through the OpenWRT box, in turn connected via it's WAN port to my existing router.

Finally, the issue...
My Atheros QCA9880-based WiFi card is delivering very good and stable performance in AC mode under 5ghz but where is the 2.4ghz radio..?
Ok, ok... I noted you have to set up each frequency 'radio' explicitly in OpenWRT - fine. But when I go to "Wireless Overview -> Add" and set as before but with the "Mode" set to "Legacy" or "N" and "2.4ghz" the existing radio duplicates those settings instead of staying in "5ghz AC" mode...
...I did try setting both to "Legacy" and one with "5ghz" and the other "2.4ghz" but they both end up as one or the other.

Am I being an idiot by assuming my QCA9880-based WiFi card can handle both 5ghz and 2.4ghz at the same time when it's one or the other? If so I can always bung a spare USB-based 2.4ghz PCIe card in the semi-spare slot... or investigate those PCIe 1x pins on the side of the board :wink:
Am I being an idiot by not understanding how to set things up correctly? Probably worth reiterating I'm brand new to OpenWRT so anyone kind enough to provide help would best not make any assumptions when explaining what I should do - excruciating detail please.

Many thanks.

PS Possibly also worth mentioning I got heartily sick of command-line interfaces back in the 70's and after another 40+ years has not softened my opinion... please be kind. thanks.

PPS As I have a spare modem card (my intention is to put a eSATA SSD in there) I may see if I can get my Gargoyle router to talk to it via a USB adaptor, or maybe some Kynar!

Thanks again.

Indeed, one card, one radio, one band/ channel at a time. It's dual-band, not concurrent dual-band - so you need two cards (and do yourself a favour, no USB WLAN).

DBDC (dual-band, dual-concurrent) cards are a relatively new invention, mostly with 802.11ax in form of mt7915-DBDC.

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I just tried LuCI on a dual band selectable card and it looks like it doesn't support changing the band or the channel through the GUI. You may need to modify the channel setting directly in the /etc/config/wireless configuration file.

QCA9880 is not DBDC either way.

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