New User and basic questions on EA9200

Hi, I've never used OpenWrt before and am a new user hoping to download it onto my Linksys EA9200. It is not a listed device, so seems no one has loaded it before.

Here are the tech details of the router:

As a tri-band router does this functionality still work with OpenWrt & should I just download the file link in a similar linksys router or from a generic different page? Should I be making a backup of the factory software somehow?

Thanks & appreciate the patience with a new user,

If the device isn't listed in the ToH, it isn't supported - and that means you can't just "load[ed] it" on your device. Routers are embedded devices, usually with quite come quirks and peculiarities, and little standard adherence (so those exist in the first place), so each device needs its very own bespoke firmware image - there usually are no generic images.

The good news, BCM43602 seems to be covered by brcmfmac, so it probably can be supported, but you'd still have a lot of development work on the source in front you, should you decide to work on it.


Many thanks for your quick reply slh.
I shall wait until I have a device on the list.
Appreciate your time and explanation.

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