New TP-Link archer C 2600

hello, I just got new tp-link archer c 2600 router. so what is the easy solution to install lede firmware over stock firmware and which firmware should be correct to install? router is 1.0 version....

For LEDE firmware downloads see[Model*~]=c2600

which one is correct? squashfs-factory.bin or squashfs-sysupgrade.bin?

Factory is what you are looking for when you want to flash from the stock firmware interface.

Sysupgrade is designed to move from a version of lede to another one (usually a newer).

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someone using archer c 2600 with lede firmware and openvpn? what internet speed can reach?

I install lede firmware on my C2600...all goes fine but when I setup openvpn then I lost internet connection.any solution for my problem?

ok, I solved my problem....may I ask why no wi-fi led lights on router? I see just led lights for power, wan and lan.....

It's in the list of known issues:

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i flashed latest 17.01.3 firmware over 17.01.2 but i have problems with configuring openvpn install protocol are same as i use it for 17.01.2...i see openvpn interface in router but i think it is dead, not connectivity....what i am doing wrong? I am sure i forgot something important....

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hello, i played around my problem and still didn't get working OpenVPN on my C 2600....please, what i am doing wrong? last time when i installed openvpn ( 4 month`s ago ), it was all fine....

My wifi is dead from the same upgrade path 2 -> 3.

All user installed packages need to be re-installed after doing a system upgrade.

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any latest info about missing led's lights?

Are you on 17.01.4 ? Maybe there are some undocumented progress on that. But I assume this is low priority on the LEDE schedule right now.

A quick search on github yielded no interesting results about the LEDs on the C2600.