New target, kernel patch hierarchy?


I am defining a new target using kernel 5.4 based on target/linux/bcm27xx/bcm2710 from which I want to use patches from target/linux/bcm27xx (bcm2710 subtarget has no patches) in addition to my own kernel patches.

When I compile the kernel, patches from target/linux/generic/hack-5.4 are used, in addition to my patches defined in target/linux/MyCustomTarget/patches-5.4

Q1: should the patch order be generic,bcm27xx,MyCustomTarget OR bcm27xx,MyCustomTarget (no generic)
Q2: How best to apply generic (if required), target/linux/bcm27xx/patches, then my patches?

Please advise...

TARGET patches are for the specific target, the generic patches are tree-wide.

I believe the generic backport and hack patches are applied first, then the TARGET patches are applied. You can find the naming convention for the patches below.


My biggest problem was defining as a target (therefore, bcm27xx patches not applied), not subtarget of bcm27xx. Bit of code inspection was required. Let U know if further problems.

Big thanks for explaining patch order and generic are treewide...


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