New stanza for Broadcom SPU kernel package from 4.12

Since the SPU driver has been added into Linux and released as part of 4.12, I read some info on package dependencies to target specific kernel versions but is it better to send this trivial patch to master targeting a (still) unsupported kernel (is it even possible?) or to @stintel staging tree?

Actually my effort in writing the new stanza was near zero so the point here is more about learning something about lede than giving a valuable contribution.

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It probably makes more sense to enable it in the kernel config of targets that support it, rather than adding yet another kernel module package.

Make sense, thank you for the tip. To be honest I was already in doubt of the reason why other crypto accelerators have been added as virtual packages if there are no special dependencies. I'm now trying to test that feature on my DGND3800B to see how much it gains in IPsec performances.

I'm still missing something. Since not all SoCs of the brcm63xx family support the hardware crypto accelerator, how should I target only a specific SoC version?

You could add it in target/linux/brcm63xx/

Ok but in that case it would still be in the form of a kernel module package. I thought that was what you'd like to avoid, but I don't see any other reasonable alternative.

If you only want to target a specific SoC the only reasonable way is via a kmod package. Adding a sub-target just for this is overkill. Seeing that this target has boards with only 4MB flash, kmod is the best option.