New router for small apartment

Hey there!

I am currently using an TP-Link Archer C80 that doesn't support OpenWrt sadly.
I want to buy a new router that is somewhat future proof and supports OpenWrt. On top of using it as a general router I also want to use OpenVPN/DoH.

  • Max budget around 250 euro.
  • I use Ethernet (3 devices) and 5GHz (2-3 devices) only.
  • Area is 40 square meters.
  • It's coaxial cable (same as TV) and current speeds I get are 150/10.

I have looked at the hardware table but I would like some recommendations as well. I looked at the Belkin RT3200 (recommended from the IRC) but it's not available in my region. What is the most frequently used router and what brands are more popular?

Would it be possible to use the Archer C80 as an AP and buy a single-board computer or similarly that runs OpenWrt?

I would go with a wired router like an edgerouter x and use the c80 as an AP only


Xiaomi AC2100 (both white or black cylinder).


With a 150/10 conn and only 6 devices you could use a Netgear R6220 or R6230 (they are identical inside and only differ in their plastic housing) easy peasy and best of all they can be had for as little as $12-$20 on amazon through their refurb program. Probably similar prices on ebay. I have one, it does 400mbps over wifi using iperf3 and has decent range once you turn up the amplifiers, and a dual core 880mhz mips cpu, gigabit ports and 128mb flash 256mb ram. for a 150/10 connection and 6 devices IMO, you dont need anymore then that. p.s its got a usb port as well. Are they available where you are is another question which I don't know the answer to.


I have a Xiaomi Mini flashed with OW, works pretty good with plenty of power in spare after spam firewall, SQM and DNSCrypt. Only ~$20 used if available in your area.

Or get a C7 V(2,3,4,5) if you want tons of powers.

With Metta