New Router for Better NAS

I am currently using two routers, HomeHub 5A for routing ADSL2 6mbps/1mbps link and Tplink TD-W8980 for Samba with USB 3.0 HDD.

I must say, I'm not happy with the Samba performance because I only get 2mb/s max for writing data and 5mb/s max for reading data. I was considering to buy used Linksys WRT1900ACS but I found out that 2.4GHz WiFi performance is not good.

I don't know really how much options are available because I need 2.4GHz WiFi at least but 5GHz can be there for future. I also have no problem with using two separate routers for the above purpose.
I actually want something to provide better speeds for NAS over 2.4GHz WiFi, say for example 30~50mb/s with USB 3.0.

Can someone please suggest something that may reach to the above potential?

get a single board computer it will be better, or just an old laptop and turn it into nas


Should the board has its own WiFi for Samba? Currently the WiFi perfoemance of HomeHub is around 8mb/s max with routing.

Development on the Marvell wireless driver has stalled so you should consider it dead in the water.

Aren't you able to wire your connections? You should, if possible. Just wiring the connection between your (new) router and the Samba server should improve wireless throughput on your client(s).

I thought a dedicated WiFi may improve performance for the board because right now HomeHub and W8980 are connected through LAN and iperf3 maxes out at 50mbit/s UL/DL between the two. I am using the WiFi of HomeHub for my needs.

I use a Raspberry Pi 3 as NAS with Libreelec connected by Lan. Have a BT hub 5a running 19.07.2 connected in another room to Lan and can upload to NAS via Wifi through BT hub at 19MB/s and download at 14MB/s. That should meet your requirments easily.


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