New router for 500Mbps and higher

Hi everybody,
I made decision to ask this question after digging in the forum.
Need to finally replace my dated tp-link. And I found out that to get use of 500Mbps in very near future I need to get some more expensive stuff which is kind of accepted. Yet it's hard to find what I should actually pick up. Firstly I thought about WRT3200ACM but then I read here that some future support of it to say it lightly a bit foggy. So my eyes turned onto r7800 but it seems that one it seems may not give me that performance. I started reading about Zyxel nbg6817 but I'm puzzled.
So I'm asking you, what should I get - used is fine - to be able to get the 500Mbps or even more?
I also need support of Gigabit lan which I'm using, sometimes transfering VM images between machines no to mention about some TV, streaming etc.
And of course I'm also using WiFi, currently only "n" but I understand that with the never router I'll be able to move to some higher speeds.
Any hints?

Good read to get started with...

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yes I saw that thread and I was trying to some info based on it that's why I came out with that WRT, r7800 and Zyxel but what bothers me is for example the future of WRT support. I think in one of the threads here I saw that it's bad idea to buy it now - already old - and there's not future with it - no support?

if you're in US, get one of these, and add some wifi.

I'm not from US... EU -> PL actually.
But it's actually quite good option and I see WiFi can be easily added. The price is also not bad, need to only calculate shipping plus tax and other penalties.

the price isn't bad in US, I can imagine it'll be 2x, once in PL :wink:

I bought 5 of these in late 2021, think I paid ~$20/piece.

someone's already adding wifi6 to the box in PC engine APU2C4 with Wifi 6?

4x to be exact

yes, now you can forget about that price. It seems you guys here did pump up the prices :smiley:

the model now seem to be apu 1d (the older 2 core non intel NIC), no?

Yes, the 301 have Realtek NICs, the newer 302 got Intels.

Still capable of routing approx 1gbit though.

@secondlolek if you're not in a hurry, I will get my hands on a 301 or 302
within two weeks or so (not sure what I'll get, the ebay auction was kind
of vague - description said 301, pics showed 302 :wink: ).

I'm in EU :wink: