New router dual band buy suggestion

Hello! I currently have a stock running TP-Link WR841ND and I want to upgrade my router to some dual band gigabit ones. On the list I was following there are:

  • DLink 860L (2013 - unsupported by DLink?)
  • DLink 842 (2017)
  • Or some ACS devices ...

What do you think?

I'm really happy with mine! It is using the most open AC WiFi chip available. Has hardware NAT support in the latest master builds. And easily routes + NATs gigabit speeds, even with the regular software path.

Yes, it is a bit older. But IMO that's usually a good thing for Lede/Openwrt, since support will be mature and stable.

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But that one does not have external omnidirectional antennas, only internal and I don't know how much coverage I get with it on 2.4ghz or with other router with some 9dB antenna upgrade in the future ... Hmm!

Might be of interest regarding WRT3200ACM / WRT1900ACS -> Best Wireless AC router for LEDE?