New router: Asus rt-ac85u

Does anyone have any information on this new router? It sounds like an amazing platform, since it is based on a mediatek SOC which currently has the most open AC wifi driver. It is also a wave 2 product featuring 4 spatial streams, MU-MIMO and 160hz channel width. Is this available anywhere that ships to Europe?

Some info:

Looks neat, but this is the first mention I'm seeing of an MT7615E. Don't know if mt76 already supports it.

mt76 could support it if there is no big hw differences, but currently only in 2x2 mode

The ASUS rc-ac85P is now supported in snapshot. I am using it in production and it is absolutely stable and really fast. The hardware specs appear identical -- apart from the P being AC2400 whereas the U is AC2600. My guess is that the image for the P will also work on the U. To be on the safe side it might be best to try this out by flashing the ramdisk version from the bootloader...

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