New router/AP easy to flash new firmware OpenWrt

My old router is dying. I had a look on the forum mainly at this thread as I have close needs.
1 - There is no TP-Link device proposal in the posts. Have you one?
2 - Is there devices/Brand easier to convert to OpenWRT? I mean, should I use the serial on all of them to first flash the firmware?
3 - Linsys propose WRT32X AC3200 with the feature "Additional Information: Open Source ready for OpenWrt". What does that mean?
4 - sell it see here. Is it a good deal?

Thank you for your commitment.

In that price / performance range, a thread with many opinions is

On your specific questions, in my opinion:

  1. TP-Link is no longer competitive with the ARM-based offerings from Zyxel and Linksys

  2. Many devices do not require serial connection to flash with OpenWrt at this time

  3. Not much more than that they have a marketing department

  4. Assuming that is the router you want, you can track its price at and make your own decision

Thank you Jeff
I ordered the Linsys WRT32X AC3200 as my old TP-Link fail every night.

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