[new package] wifi-presence: Presence detection based on WiFi connection


I'm working on a project called wifi-presence that is designed to run on OpenWrt WiFi routers. It's working great on my home routers. I'm interested in getting any feedback about the program from community members.

What: wifi-presence publishes WiFi client connect and disconnect events to an MQTT broker.
Why: Home automation systems (although could potentially be useful in other contexts). Automations can be setup depending on if people are home or not. Monitoring the APs for connection state provides a reliable way to tell if a device is connected or not. If the device is a person's phone, it provides a proxy for their presence/absence.
How: Uses hostapd's control interface to receive connect and disconnect events.

I've created an .ipk suitable for OpenWrt. Download available as part of the v0.0.1 release. Note: See the release page for more details, but an updated version of hostapd is required.