New Package to menuconfig


I have looked at the Wiki and quite a few posts, but I have a feeling the way to make this work has changed a bit (since some of this information has been posted). So sorry for the dumb question, but just no luck finding this ... :frowning:

I have a package that is working well on my router itself (i.e. files modified, Lua and JS / HTML work fine). I tried to add them inside LuCI packages on the source side, but no joy getting the package to show up in menuconfig (even with a full clean) or in the build.

Any pointers?


Run ./scripts/feeds update -a && ./scripts/feeds install -a

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Take a look into the directory packages/feeds, there are symlinks to the package dirs from the feeds directory.

The script scripts/feeds does this for you, but you can also create this symlinks manually.

This means, you can also have a package outside of the OpenWRT source dir as long as you symlink it into packages/feeds.

That did it - thanks! Even with local code, after update -a, then menuconfig sees my new package.

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