New OpenWrt install on ArcherA9 V6

I installed fresh latest image of openWrt on a tplink archer A9v6 and I noticed there is a bunch of packages needing updates. Now, I’ve been reading here and noticed people warning each other about upgrading packages. What do I do in this situation? I have never installed a package before. So all these packages came with the image.

Heed the warnings...

Will do thank you. Any reason why the are included in the official image though? Are they system packages? Because since I’ve never installed any packages myself it’s safe to assume they are not user packages right?

The updates you are seeing are for the default packages. But…

Upgrading packages (via the CLI opkg upgrade command or the LuCI Upgrade... button) can result in major problems. It is generally highly discouraged, unless you know what you are doing or if there is specific instruction to do so.

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