New OpenWrt 21.02.0 on Linksys EA4500 v1 - Problem to upgrade

Hi I trying to upgrage Linksys EA4500 v1 from 19.7.6 to 21.02.0.

The first thing that I learned/did was :

  • I need to force and use a factory image ( When I used sysupgrade image with my netgear_wndr4300 I bricked it and needed recovery with Tftp2.exe )

  • Not choose to keep the old values of setup ( Wi-fi, network, ddns ... ), upgrade to a new and clean installation

But the thing is:

  • Using the image openwrt-21.02.0-kirkwood-linksys_ea4500-squashfs-factory, the instaler ask me to force the upgrade because it not recognized like correct image.

  • Even forcing to upgrade using this image nothing happen, the router bricked and I have to start with reset button pressed and the router return to the old version of openwrt ( openwrt 19.7.6, how this happen? This modem have two flashes like two bios in same motherboards? )

So I'm stuck in this point.

My questions:

  1. How can I make this work?
  2. How can I force this model to enter in Tftp server state to I try to force write the image using tftp2.exe?

Thanks for your time!

I really need your help guys...

I must ask because i'm interested to learn more and understand more.. IS this aswell eligable - is this aswell a procedure that goes for EA6700 aswell? i Have a EA6700 that's behaving very strange -- emergency mode / Emergency web gui - and strange behaviour while flashing it's firmware.

Thank you sincerly

Hello @Richiie89 ! I'm not sure but I think that's that procedure for EA6700. I'm stuck in this stage waiting for the big guys on openwrt help me out...

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Do you have an EA6700 aswell, with simillar experience - when trying to flash/trying to replace OEM Firmware with OpenWRT? .. i did sucessfully write DD-WRT once to this device, but yeah.. it's not that versataille and effective as i first thought. Since i'm having problem with the 30/30/30 method or .. when i try to flash firmware .. it doesn't write persistent -- get's stuck or fallback to emergency mode.

That's my problem too

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Great.. Great then i know i'm not alone facing this. Hopefully we can come up with an solution to this. Thanks again in advice

yes, and it is documented here

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@jaromanda do you know how can I put this router in Tftp Server mode?

yes, and it is documented here

Use the sysupgrade image and don't save settings.

@jaromanda I saw that you have a WRT32X. Did you have the same problem with this router too to go for 21.02.0 firmware? My next step is setup this router ( WRT32X ) here in my house... My EA4500 is my backup and WRT32x is my central router.

Thanks @mk24 I tryied this.. not work. But I will try again, maybe I did something wrong in the first time...

The ea3500 is essentially the same device and had this problem a few years ago due to flash size, it was fixed, but may be the problem again here.

@Fperuso the WRT32X upgrade to 21.02.0 went OK - I have two of them, both upgraded fine

Have to to force as well, as there's not only the change to DSA, but the kernel partition size changes too

@jaromanda, sorry, when you say "force" which especial procedure did you have to do? I can say that my knowledge in Openwrt is just little more then the basic... but just this :slight_smile:

I ticked the checkbox that said "force"

Ok, I got you. Thx