New (old) kid in town

Hi folks,

am a new kid in town.

Was very pleased to find out the other day, that Openwrt can be put onto a Unifi AP-AC Lite. Works very nice (... and is for free). Thanks a lot for this. :slight_smile:

Had used before the Unifi Controller on a Raspberry. Was kind of OK, but very complicating. For sure an overkill for home use. May be good to go for enterprises with hundreds of devices.

What was really annoying is, that during the last couple of months I forgot to remember the password of it. Had then to juggle around with some absurd hacks for the mongo-daemons to reset the password. On top went the other day, that a java version problem killed the web-server. Fixed it and then ...

Then I found Openwrt.

Since I have been using Openwrt some years ago - perhaps even decades ago - on a Linksys Router, I did not hesitate much to put it onto the Unifi AP. Sure, your heart will beat a bit more after you did start the Write Firmware process. "Is it the right image? ... does it work at all? ... will I have another bricked box soon ... ". But it worked fine except a few very minor problems.

Had some issues to integrate the AP into my network as an client with DHCP. The default IP-Address did not fit my network address range. This made the Luci and SSH/SCP access fail despite the AP-functionality was already working fine. After some investigation within the config files, I got it to work.

Am now just trying to optimize it for my WLAN Mesh together with a Fritzbox. Also IPTV in conjunction with IGMPv3 is one thing which did not work well with the original firmware. All not a big deal. But as always, you want to squeeze the last bits of performance and comfort out of what is working in your hut.

So for now I am very happy. The Unify controller is no longer needed. The AP can directly be configured.

Cheers, Goggo



Glad you got out working. Enjoy.