New official firmware wrt3200 acm

have you also seen improvements to the 2.4 ghz radio, stability? I have not yet had the opportunity to try the new firmware, I will do it this week.

On 2.4GHz never had any problems sincerely. The main difference is on the improved speed. Otherwise always very reliable. Did you have any specific problems?

it's very long tyme that i don't use 2.4 ghz on this device, i have it doing access point wds on 5ghz radio, on dfs channel, 100, and for me it's and always was rock solid. i remember some problem on 2.4 ghz, but i can't really remember the problem, us i sayd was long time ago.

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I purchased the 3200 in early 2017 and have always had several devices connected on 2.4. Now the devices have increased on both frequencies, but I have never had any major problems. I have read about many complaints about this device. I'm probably just very lucky.

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Do you know if there are any prebuild packages for 19.07.1? I know there where some in the past and they worked really good.

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those of you with no problems on the wrt3200 do you use ipv6? I suspect the main issues I have are ipv6 multicast neighbor Discovery issues, when devices are sleeping.

If you want to try the new firmware I can build it for you. Let me know.

There is now someone reporting an issue with the new BLOB. In the 12 days I have been playing with it, I have not seen any discernible effect (positive or negative).

I plan to build them, but still haven't found the time to do it.

I tried to build on 19.07.1, but the patch I have cannot be applied. On master I build without problems. Could you help me? I have a discreet computer, in about 30 minutes I build an entire image from scratch.

I do not build 19.x but it should be enough to update the makefile:

diff --git a/package/kernel/mwlwifi/Makefile b/package/kernel/mwlwifi/Makefile
index 642d800836..37232fdb3d 100644
--- a/package/kernel/mwlwifi/Makefile
+++ b/package/kernel/mwlwifi/Makefile
@@ -15,9 +15,9 @@ PKG_LICENSE_FILES:=
 PKG_MAINTAINER:=Imre Kaloz <>

Thank you.

For all those who want to try. There I builded together with the complete image of 19.07.1. Let me know @imk82 @eduperez

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I have bin running the new firmware- for about 5 days now. I have had no problems. I have 5 devices on 2.4 and about 15 devices on 5 ghz I have found it to be a bit faster.

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Exactly the same for me. I use it on the master via patch, but I hope it will be inserted directly into OpenWrt code shortly.

I build 19.07.1 ofor a wrt32x with this firmware and use it for 2 days.
No problem in 2.4 and 5 Ghz

i think from yesterday is in master the new firmware

I checked on git and also follow the feeds and there is no hint of a change in the mwlwifi driver. Check it all out yesterday.;a=summary

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i wish i ll have the time this week to compile a custom immage and try finaly this new firmware

If you want I will send you mine. I did it this afternoon. It has up to the last commit and new firmware. Let me know. On master you have to install LuCI manually, because I did not build that.

i know, the problem here is that my linux pc is connected at my main tv,lol, that's why i cannot compile, to do that i need start a fight whit the lady,lol. if you want you can sent me it.