NEW Linksys WRT3200ACM with the new Winbond chip W29N02GV

I have a NEW Linksys WRT3200ACM with the new Winbond chip W29N02GV.
When is there new service release out of LEDE Reboot 17.1 ?

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Until commit, or whatever, finds its way into master(and is cherry-picked), a new stable is not going to help with this issue.

Unfortunately, I do not understand what you mean.
Please explain so I understand.
"Until commit, or whatever, finds its way into master" ? ???

dd-wrt has since build is r35034 support for Winbond W29N02GV.
Why is LEDE so much slower to implement this?
The new WRT3200ACM has a new chip "Winbond W29N02GV"

The link:;a=commit;h=7ae59a2f288ba1cef23b20e1d36e199e8c646245
Says "Newer Linksys boards might come with a Winbond W29N02GV"

This is NOT "might" but 100% facts.
I have both versions of WRT3200ACM.

Do you need to leave LEDE and install dd-wrt, to get the new router to work?

That commit, which enables flashing on units with the new flash, has not been added to the master code tree. Until it, or something like it, is added to the code stream, there is no support. You will have build an image yourself (with patch obviously), or take a community image; many are already running an image on new units.

I have no idea as to why it is not being pushed.You could try adding a post to thread directed at that moniker, or maybe more direct by email.

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