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I don't feel so strongly about that text that I want us all to get hung up. How close are we to agreement?

Let's assume we can make those sentences "better" - that is, acceptable to all the contributors on this topic. What about the rest of those pages?

  • Is the rest of the start2 page good enough? Formatting? Right topics in the list? Reasonable wording for the items?

  • Is the Reasons page good enough? Same questions...


I still don't understand why "LEDE is a complete replacement for the vendor-supplied firmware for hundreds of different home and small-office routers and embedded devices." is listed under "Why use LEDE?".

When I read "Why use LEDE?", I expect a "because...", but in this very first sentence, I don't see any.

IMO this sentence fits far better in the neighbourhood of "The LEDE Project (“Linux Embedded Development Environment”) is a Linux operating system based on OpenWrt, targeting a wide range of wireless routers and non-network devices.", which answers the question: "What is LEDE?".

Mixing both sentences together results in this proposal:

"The LEDE Project (“Linux Embedded Development Environment”) is a Linux operating system based on OpenWrt. It is a complete replacement for the vendor-supplied firmware of a wide range of wireless routers and non-network devices. See the [[toh:start|Table of Hardware]] for supported devices."

This answers the question "What is LEDE?", and, coming from "a wide range of...", also answers the question "What is this 'wide range'" or "Which devices are supported?".

Why use LEDE?

Otherwise: Good to go!

@tmomas - all this sounds good. Go ahead!

OK, did the final cut and moved start2 to the frontpage.

To do: -> Create missing pages

A tiny nit... The first character of the body text is '"' This, and its matching close '"' should be removed. Thanks!

Yes, we need to decide how to handle those links.

I am reluctant to suggest a wholesale copy/paste of the OpenWrt pages. That misses the opportunity to a) test it with LEDE, and b) fix/update/improve the words on the previous page.

Since nobody liked my half-fast ("half assed") redirection page idea :slight_smile: , perhaps the Extensibility section should call out:

  • packages whose description has moved over to the LEDE site, and
  • packages whose description is still on the OpenWrt site



  • Local page 1
  • Local page 2
  • ...
  • These packages from OpenWrt seem to work well
    • OpenWrt page 1
    • OpenWrt page 2
    • ...

I can volunteer to move over the Bufferbloat/SQM page.

I have been waiting for the "How To" issue to come up.

I agree copying over the old OpenWrt articles untested is not good.

I will suggest that, like OpenWrt, there is a "How To" index page with an entry to it in the "Documentation" section of the side menu. I think that it is, relative to the actual authoring, easy to build an index and like Rich did for Bufferfloat/SQM create the place holder pages. I would then link to the OpenWrt page and solicit the community to test and author LEDE pages. I would also like to see a field (or 2) on the pages for "Tested LEDE Versions", easy for release versions, maybe not so for trunk versions (as of, up to?)

Indirectly related, should there be "User Guide" content on both the "Docs\Start" page and the page called "User Guide". Same for the Developer Guide. It's duplicate content that will over time become more and more inconsistent.

We have in the OpenWrt wiki:

  1. -> manually maintained

  2. -> automatic A-Z index

  3. -> automatic (kind of)
    -> depends on intelligent naming of pages

While 1) provides a descriptive text, which might be helpful, it's downside is that it needs to be maintained manually.

  1. creates the least maintenance effort, because its fully automatic. Add a page to the namespace and it will automatically show up. Downside: No description besides the page title.

  2. Tends in the direction of 1), grouping pages by subject. Care needs to be taken to name howto pages in a useful way. If you look at the source of you will notice, that the index consist of many pagequerys looking for a subject keyword in the pagename.

A scheme like in OpenWrt . seems to be a good way doing it.

Normally it's me who spots such small mistakes within seconds, even on 5sqm drawings...

Thanks to eagle-eye richb for noticing! :slight_smile:

I'm for automatic, even if it's a bit less info. I still would like to see an entry in the Documentation section of the side menu. Would be nice if we could have a sort key for subject though.

I think HOWTO and howto should be "How To". Better to avoid any translation issues. I do not see a need for recipes.

Some suggestions for the security section. Replace the current bullets with:

  • LEDE contains no hidden backdoors left by hardware vendors.
  • LEDE verifies upstream source code using SHA256.
  • LEDE further hardens both the Linux kernel and applications using stack-smashing protections, buffer-overflow detection, and RELRO protections.
  • LEDE is actively updated so any vulnerabilities are closed shortly after they are discovered.
  • Default LEDE configuration is very conservative allowing full internet connectivity without exposing your router or connected devices to attacks.
  • Many of the older devices are supported by LEDE and can enjoy security LEDE brings, long after vendors stop releasing firmware updates.

I am sorry to took so long to follow up on my initial comment!

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